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Chicken and Horse are farm animals. But Chicken doesn't like Horse, because Chicken feels pressure from Horse. According to Chinese Five Elements theory. Chicken is in Metal group. Horse in in Fire group. Fire can melt the Metal. That's why Chicken is afraid of Horse.

Chicken should have a great year in the year of Snake. Luckily, Chicken will continue to do well in the year of Horse. The Happiness Star, Heaven Star and Moon Star are toward Chicken people in the same time. This Horse year will be a wonderful one for Chicken people. The Love Star and Romantic Star are also appearing in 2014. Chicken people will have a joyful year for their love relationship.

Career: In Chinese Horoscopes, Horse contains Fire, Earth. Fire is related to Career Star to Chicken people. Fire brings Chicken people more job assignments and pressures, which is the job opportunity. Earth inside the Horse is related to someone offering assistances and protections for Chicken people. There is a Moon Star appearing in 2014. That implies the person helping you could be a female. Therefore, the people relationship in the office is very important to Chicken people. You need to build those relationships first. Otherwise, you cannot find them when you need help. Without people's help, Chicken is hard to challenge the pressure from Horse Fire.

Money: 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents Money to Chicken people. So Money is there. Chicken people have to find a way to get it. Since Money sits beside Horse, Chicken needs to conquer the pressure from Horse before reaching the money. That means Chicken people still need some effort, courage, energy and time to earn the money. Remember that you cannot be too greedy. If you make too much noise, then Horse might be disturbed and jump up to hurt you. In this case, money trouble might bring you a lawsuit.

Wood of 2014 is also connected to the Happiness Star. If you have better income, then you will know how to enjoy your life.

Love: Chicken and Horse don't have special love relationship, according to Chinese Five Elements theory. But Chicken people have very good luck in love relationship. The Romance Star appears in 2014. Chicken people will become popular in their social network. They will have more chances to meet the opposite sex. Wood of 2014 is connected to girlfriend or wife to a man. Therefore, male single Chicken people have better opportunity to find their new companion than females.

Another Love Star is for people in love. They should be able to build deeper love relationship. The marriage relationship is also possible. Combing Romance Star and Love Star is not good for married Chicken people. If they have double love relationships in the same time, they might end up a big money loss because of love affair. The worse case will become a lawsuit.

Health: Some pressure comes from the career. That will impact Chicken people's health once for a while. There are minor Unlucky Stars related to health in 2014. Sometimes, it will cause slight illness. If you watch your health often, have enough sleep and good rest, then you can recover pretty quick from those minor troubles. Senior or sick Chicken people need to pay attention on their respiratory system. They have better live in a good air quality community to protect their throat and lungs. The long-distance travel is not recommended for seniors and sick ones in the year of Horse year.


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