What Chinese Eat During the Minor Snow  

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With the coming of Minor Snow, there are more cold fronts from the north. The temperature drops to zero degrees or below. If there is any precipitation, there will be snow. But the snow will be light and infrequent. The first snowfall in the lower and middle breaches of the Yellow River is occurs in Minor Snow. In Minor Snow, the weather is cold, cloudy and with less sunshine, which will trigger or aggravate depression. People can eat the following foods to keep happy:
Whole wheat bread, pasta and snacks are edible antidepressants. The complex carbohydrates will will make people happy. They act slowly, but are healthy. Selenium in whole wheat foods can make people happy.
Bananas are rich in hydroxytryptamine. When the amount of hydroxytryptamine in brain decreases, a series of depressive symptoms, such as insomnia, irritability, pessimism and misanthropy, will appear. Eating more bananas properly will make people peaceful and relaxed. But people with cold energy spleens and stomachs should not have too many bananas.
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What Chinese Eat During the Minor Snow

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