Early Winter  
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By Lu You (Song Dynasty)

Rainy days last from the Double Ninth Festival,

Before the Minor Snow, it has been chilly.

Gathering firewood with my hair combed in the shape of pestle,

I sell my vegetable on the crude boat.

Thin porridge is the only food for the whole family,

The felt on the bed is timeworn.

Living on one bite,

Why do I care about leaving behind a good reputation?

About the poet:

Lu You (1125-1210), or Wuguan, or Fangweng, was born in Shanyi of Yuezhou (present day Shaoxing in Zhejiang province), and was a great poet in the southern Song Dynasty. He was fond of learning when he was young, and could write poems when he was only twelve years old. He married his cousin Tang Wan at twenty, but had to divorce because Lu’s mother didn’t like her daughter-in-law and blamed Tang for not giving birth to a child. Lu mourned the ending of the marriage all his life.

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Early Winter

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