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· Having more black foods during white Minor Snow (2010-11-22)
In autumn and winter, the air is dry and the temperature is low, and the cold qi (energy) in human bodies is strong, thus Chinese people like to eat food with hot energy
· What Chinese Eat During the Minor Snow (2010-11-22)
With the coming of Minor Snow, there are more cold fronts from the north. The temperature drops to zero degrees or below.
· Clearing nei huo (inner fire) (2010-11-22)
Minor Snow is the second solar term in winter and lasts from Nov 22 or Nov 23 to Dec 7 or Dec 8. In this solar term, it begins to snow in China’s northern areas, and the temperature continues dropping.
· Chinese Soups for the Minor Snow (2010-11-22)
“If you want to keep healthy, have more soup.” Especially in the fall and winter, a variety of delicious soups have become indispensable.
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What Chinese Eat During the Minor Snow

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