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Festive atmosphere prevails in Bangkok Chinatown in Chinese New Year

The traditional Chinese festival, which marks the first day of a new year on the lunar calendar, has largely turned into a national one in Thailand since many Thai nationals also become part of the parade. A young guy wearing red costume was standing along the street when I went and talked to him. "I am waiting to play the dragon dance," said the guy who gave his name as Phanu, adding he does not have Chinese blood at all.

Not only common people, but the high-ranking government officials joined the joyful celebrations.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, together with other Cabinet members, attended the opening ceremony of the cultural show at Yaowaraj Road. When asked how he feels about the festive atmosphere here, the premier, wearing a red T-shirt, said with smile, "Well I think in Thailand because of the economic recovery, I think the atmosphere this year is full of fun and expectations."

The Chinatown of Yaowaraj Road in western Bangkok has a history as long as the city itself has. Along the two-kilometer-long street you can find Chinese characters on the signboards of almost every stores and companies. And from fish fin soup to bird-nest soup, people can always enjoy the typical southern Chinese food here. The dialect of Teochow, a southern China city, is prevailing, and so are all kind of Chinese traditions.

Liu Zhonglin came to work in Bangkok from Beijing about one year ago and it was the first time that he and his family celebrated the Chinese New Year abroad. However he did not feel lonely or boring at all.

"The atmosphere of Chinese New Year festival in this street is even stronger than in Beijing," he said.

Even westerners came to celebrate the festival. Tanja, a girl from German, was hanging out here with a couple of friends when I asked her what she knows about this festival.

"People will do parade with all the dragons, they also wear red clothes so that they will have a happy new year...I just came here but I think definitely it is fun," said she, laughing and adding a Cantonese greeting "Kung Hei Fat Choy!"

Editor: Liu Fang

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