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New Year's Greeting Peking Opera: Divergence/Dragon and Phoenix

Dragon and Phoenix

In the Ming dynasty, Emperor Zhengde traveled incognito out of palace and lodged at Mei Long Tavern. Zhengde and Li Feng, the younger sister of the tavern owner, fell in love with each other. Zhengde then told Li Feng his true identity and conferred the title of Gui Fei, the highest-ranking imperial concubine to her.

Emperor Zhengde, starred by Zhang Jianfeng (An excellent actor of Xi School specializing in old male characters; postgraduate majoring in Peking Opera, gold medal winner of CCTV Youth Peking Opera Artists TV Competition)

Li Feng, starred by Zhu Hong (An excellent actress specializing in female character, disciple of Liu changyu)

Editor: Feng Hui


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