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Eight Wonders of Qinhuai River

Qinhuai River is regarded as the headstream of Nanjing’s profound history. Traced as far back as the Six Dynasties (222-589), this was a dwelling place of blue blood, gathering busy merchants, urbane scholars and Confucianism learners. Such glorious views prevailed from the Six Dynasties till the Qing Dynasty (1936-1912) and leaved this area with a trail of most delicate snacks. These snacks are featured with good-natured materials, refined handiworks, various types, beautiful shapes and unique tastes. They are compiled into "Eight Wonders of Qinhuai River", which is common knowledge to every native here.

The first wonder: Huangqiao baked cake & shredded dried been curd of Yongheyuan Teahouse

The second wonder: steamed beef broth & fried beef dumplings of Jiangyouji Fried Dumpling Shop

The third wonder: been curd jelly & light fried and green onion Chinese pancake of Liufengju Snack Restaurant

The fourth wonder: duck-oil vegetarian shortcake & olla podrida dumplings of Qifangge Restaurant

The fifth wonder: sesame-oil shredded dried been curd & minced chicken noodles in soup of Qifangge Restaurant

The sixth wonder: tiny sweet osmanthus rice balls & five-colored small cake of Lianhu Pastry

The seventh wonder: smocked fish silver noodles & thin-skin steamed dumplings of Zhanyuan Noodle Shop

The eighth wonder: five-spiced beans & tea eggs of Kuiguangge Restaurant

Source: tourochina.com

Editor: Feng Hui

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