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Qinhuai Snacks

Made of popular material, well known for their special taste, inexpensive price, and easy to carry, "Eight Qinhuai Specialties" include Kuiguangge's Spiced broad beans and spiced eggs, Rain flower tea; Yongheyuan's Kaiyang dried and vermicelli reddish-yellow crab meat cake; Qifangge's sesame oil dried vermicelli and duck-oil crispy sesame cake; Liufengju's jellied bean curd and fried scallion pancake; Qifangge's steamed assorted vegetable-stuffed buns and shredded chicken gravy noodle; Jiangyouji's beef soup and beef-stuffed guotie; Zhanyuan Noodle Restaurant's thin-skinned steamed dumplings and smoked fish silver thread noodle; Lianhu Sweet Snack Store's acanthus flower-stuffed small Yuanxiao and five-colored small cakes.

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