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Pressed duck

Pressed duck in Nanjing boasts a long history. Story has it that during the Southern and Northern Period (420-589), ancient China was suffered from rebels. To defend the territory, soldiers and officials guarded at the city walls day and night, neglecting their self-safety as well as meals and sleeps. It was the beginning of autumn; white ducks were rinsed and added with salt and other flavorings by the civilian; then they were cooked to a turn before being sending to the city wall. However, when the ducks arrived, they were already quite dry and hard. So soldiers recooked them and they were glad when smelling the thick fragrance of the ducks. They praised the tasty ducks and named them pressed ducks since they were hard pressed. Many years later, cooking method of pressed duck has been improved into a whole set. Ducks now are thin in skin, tight and soft in meat, full in shape with a ever-lasting aftertaste

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