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Rain flower tea

This sort of tea received its name for its birth place-the Terrace of Rain Flower outside Zhonghuamen in Nanjing. It stands out from various kinds of green tea in China for its elegant name, extraordinary taste and unique charm. As to the shaping, it looks like pine needle, slim, tight, smooth and upright. In color, there is a little bit white mingled with green black, bright and clear. When tasting, it feels fresh and pure, with an aroma mild and ethereal as well as a sweet and lasting aftertaste. A glass of the tea is good for quenching thirst, freshening up, helping digestion, promoting urination, curing asthma and eliminating phlegm. Today, rain flower tea wins great popularity at both home and abroad, especially in Japan and Southeast Asia where people give it as a precious gift to relatives and friends.

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Editor: Feng Hui

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