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Yinshi chicken steamed dumplings

While tasting savoury duck blood bean vermicelli soup, people usually mate it with steamed dumplings. Steamed dumpling is very popular in Nanjing with thin skins, pump stuffings and tender taste being its best features. When eating, the proper way is first to bite a small hole to cool the fillings down; then sip the soup sandwiched between the stuffings and the skin. After that, you can take a big bite. Otherwise, the piping-hot soup inside would spill out, either scale you lips or taint your clothes. As popular as the duck blood soup, steamed dumpling stores scatter every corner of the city. Among them, Yinshi Chicken Steamed Dumplings Store standing on Hunan Road enjoys the best reputation . Here long queues are lined up every day, waiting to taste this wonderful delicacy at the expense of only CNY 7 for every 8.

Editor: Feng Hui

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