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Duck blood bean vermicelli soup

This is loved by all ages. It sweeps over Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Shanghai and Hefei in four seasons of a year. Roaming around either streets or little alleys, you are easy to bump into a shop selling this delicacy. Some are decent while some are shabby but incredible aroma is a commom feature. Making method of the soup is simple. First, put some bean vermicelli in a bamboo basket and place it in boiled duck blood soup for some time to a turn. After that, pour the bean vermicelli and duck blood soup in a bowl and add them with duck intestines and livers, green onions, parsley and other seasonings. Sipping some soup, sucking up some bean vermicelli and biting a piece of dusk blood, one cannot help thinking why such unremarkable materials would turn out to be such a cate. Besides, this will cost you CNY 6-10 only, very cost effective, right?

Best purchase location: Huiwei at the junction of Matai Street and Hunan Road

Source: tourochina.com

Editor: Feng Hui

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