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Nanjing Cuisine

People in Nanjing boast of the rich flavors in their cuisine as preserves the natural flavors of the ingredients without overpowering or underwhelming. A specialty around here is Salted Duck, the meat is succulently tender ith a crispy skin. The area around the Confucius Temple at Shiba Jie is newly restored and where the locals go for a fun evening out. There are many good restaurants and snack stalls in there. Try a kind of pudding made from Tofu, green onion pancakes and dumping soup. Another food street to check out is at Hunan Lu Shiziqiao Meishi Jie.

If you're really hungry, order the Eight Qinhuai Specialties, the recipes for these dishes have been passed from generation to generation. The specialties are: Yongheyuan's Huangqiao Sesame Seed Cake and Kaiyang Dried Vermicelli; Jiangyouji's Beef Soup and Beef-stuffed Potstickers; Loufengju's Tofu and Green Onion Pancake; Qifangge's Crispy Seasame Seed Cake, steamed vegetable buns, sesame oil vermicelli and shredded chicken noodles, and so on.

Editor; Feng Hui

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