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Nanjing Folk Cultures

Sweet Osmanthus Flower Festival of Ling Gu Temple

The Ling Gu Temple’s sweet osmanthus garden is located inside the Sun Yet-Sen’s Mausoleum and has a coverage of 1,700 acre with nearly 20,000 sweet osmanthus trees. It is the largest sweet osmanthus garden in China. Every September when sweet osmanthus are blooming, the fragrant flavor and the flowers attract numbers of tourists.

The Crab Festival of Gao Chun is from September 30 to October 6. “Going to Gao Chun to taste crabs, visit the big Buddhism figure and the old streets” has become a custom for Nanjing people. During the time, activities are held in three scenic spots—Gao Chun Old Streets, Youzi Mountain and Land of Peach Blossom, such as Chinese traditional operas, barn lanterns performance, Wu Shu, Loong boat performance, ten thousands people tasting crabs and campfire party, etc. All these make tourists home and abroad linger on with no thought of leaving.

Ecological Festival of Pukou District

Famous for its ten-li hot spring, hundred-li Lao Mountain and thousand-li maidenhair trees, the Pukou ecological festival is a touring activity integrated with appreciation, patrician and entertainment. People can fully enjoy the natural ecological beauty through “mountains, water, green and air” and they can join in festivals such as splashing water, folk culture and BBQ on mountains, etc.

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