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Traffic Guidance

Situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and extending across the river, Nanjing, as the traffic hub linking east-west water and land transportation arteries, i.e.

the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, is highly developed in aviation, railway, shipping and highway transport. The dense highway network and convenient public traffic in Nanjing structure the layout of overall traffic, offering great convenience to your travel.


The main route of No.1 Subway Line came into operation on September 1, 2005. It stretches from the Olympic Sports Center in the south to Maigaoqiao, linking 16 stations. Section-based ticket pricing for Line No.1 is fully implemented, i.e. the basic ticket price of 2 Yuan covers seven sections (the distance between two neighboring stations is a section), and an extra Yuan is for every four sections beyond the basic seven sections. 4 Yuan is charged for the full range.

Transfer Guidance from Main Route of Line No.1 to Buses

Maigaoqiao Station (Tour Line 3, Bus No.8, No.22, No.24, No.30,No.40, No.54, No.64, No.72, No.74, No.76, No.77, Yuge Line, Nanzhou Line, Yuliu Line and Nighttime Line No.819, 809 and 802) → Hongshan Zoo Station (Bus No.8, No.30, No.35, No.54, No.64, No.76, No.76 Branch, No.77) → Nanjing-Railway-Station Station (Tour Line 1, No.1, No.8, No.15, No.22, No.25, No.28, No.30, No.32, No.33, No.35, No.38, No.56, No.75, No.83, No.97, No.114, Nighttime Line No.819, 901, 902 and 815) → Xin Mofan Rd. Station (Tour Line 1, No.1, No.3, No.10, No.10 Branch, No.13, No.17, No.22, No.28, No.32, No.33, No.36, No.44, No.45, No.50, No.59, No.64, No.66, No.69, No.71, No.76, No.76 Branch, No.130, No.136, No.136 Branch, No.159, No.309, Nanjin Line, Nanjin Branch Line, Yuge Line, Nanzhou Line, Yuliu Line, Nanlong Line, Nantang Line, Nanshang Line, Jinglong Line, Nighttime Line No.817, 808, 819, 810, 813, 815, 809, 811 and 801) → Xuanwumen Station (Tour Line 1, No.1, No.3, No.8, No.15, No.22, No.25, No.26, No.28, No.30, No.33, No.35, No.38, No.47, No.56, No.74, Nighttime Line No.802, 801) → Gulou Station (Tour Line 1, No.1, No.3, No.11, No.16, No.20, No.24, No.25, No.26, No.28, No.31, No.33, No.35, No.38, No.46, No.52, No.95, No.151, Guyang Line, Guzhen Line, Nighttime Line No.802, 816 and 811) → Zhujiang Rd. Station (No.1, No.6, No.16, No.25, No.28, No.33, No.34, No.35, No.38, No.48, No.64, No.91, No.100, No.132, Nighttime Line No.806, 816, 801) → Xinjiekou Station (No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.9, No.16, No.18, No.25, No.26, No.27, No.28, No.30, No.34, No.33, No.35, No.38, No.41, No.51, No.60, No.46, No.100, Nighttime Line No.816, 801, 802 and 805) → Zhangfuyuan Station (No.35, No.38, No.41, No.80, No.82, No.100, No.128, No.317, Xinjiu Line, Xinshan Line, Xinshan Branch Line, Nighttime Line No.807) → Sanshanjie Station (Tour Line 2, Tour Line 4, No.2, No.4, No.7, No.16, No.26, No.33, No.35, No.37, No.38, No.40, No.46, No.49, No.62, No.100, Zhongliu Line, Xinjiu Line, Xinshan Line, Nighttime Line No.804, 820, 814, 802 and 816) → Zhonghuamen Station (No.2, No.16, No.19, No.38, No.44, No.40, No.75, No.87, No.94, No.100, No.110, No.116 Branch, No.126, Dong’ao Line) → Andemen Station (No.19, No.26, No.44, No.61, No.75, No.86, No.88, No.94, No.96, No.100, No.111, No.113, No.127, No.129, Xinshan Line, Ningjing Line, Yugu Line, Qing’an Line, Nighttime Line NO.808 and 820) → Zhongsheng Station (No.305) →Yuantong Station (No.85, No.92) → Nanjing Olympic Sports Center (No.7, No.126) Southward extension line of Line No.1, stretching from Andemen Station southward to Dongshan New City Area and covering 18.01km and 11 stations, is expected to be completed by the end of 2009.

Nanjing No.2 Subway Line, an east-west artery linking Hexi New Town, Xinjiekou Center and Xianlin New City Area, is planned to be built in three phases. Phase One, stretching from Wangjiacun Station in the west to Maqun Station in the east and covering 19 stations, is estimated to be completed and operated in 2009. Phase Two is planned to pave eastward to Xianlin University Town and Phase Three westward to Banqiao Area of Yuhuatai District.

Long-distance Bus Station

Zhongyangmen Long-distance Bus Station: No.1, Jianning Road, Nanjing

East Long-distance Bus Station: No.17, Huayuan Road, Nanjing

Zhonghuamen Long-distance Bus Station: No.88, Jihecun Road, Nanjing

Hanzhongmen Long-distance Bus Station: No.278, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing

Xiaguan Long-distance Bus Station: No.10, Jiangbian Road, Nanjing

North Long-distance Bus Station: No.22, Qiaobei Road, Nanjing

Maqun Station: No.118, Wanjialou, Nanjing

Inquiry hotline for long-distance bus services: 025-85531288


Dongfang Taxi Company hotline: 025-52608608

Zhongbei Taxi Company hotline: 025-96805

Dajian Taxi Company hotline: 025-58797840

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