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Fuzimiao Festival

Fuzimiao Festival

Beginning in late April, the Fuzi Miao Culture Festival makes Nanjing's historic district even more lively with many traditional performances.

Held in the public square in front of the Fuzi Miao Confucian Temple, the festival offers tourists a chance to see a wide variety of traditional dances and also demonstrations of folk crafts. In addition to the dragon and lion dances, which have become a symbol of China around the world, there are also less well known but equally fascinating Jiangsu folk dances such as the lantern dance and the river oyster dance.

In addition to being a great show, these performances are a fascinating window into traditional Chinese culture. The dancers' costumes are a riot of color, especially in the lion dance, where the huge lion heads are festooned with spangles and sequins. Performed outdoors in the bustling Fuzi Miao, in front of an ancient temple, the setting of the festival truly recreates the mood of the temple fairs and festivals where these dances were originally held. In addition to the dances, the festival also showcases many of Jiangsu's folk arts. While traditional arts like paper cutting and wood carving are beautiful to see and make great souvenirs, it's even more fascinating to see the process by which they are made. During the festival you can see craftsmen working on traditional paper cuttings, carving tree roots, making kites, doing miniature carving, and even making "iron pictures," a unique craft which is the result of an argument between a blacksmith and a painter over the merits of their respective crafts. The festival begins on the last weekend in April and lasts for 15 days.

Foods in Fuzimiao

Fuzi Miao is famous throughout China for its snacks and appetizers, a legacy of the district's centuries old role as an entertainment and tourism center. The festival's scope extends to include the special foods and culinary techniques of other cities around China, and even features visits by overseas chefs and cooking masters. The festival is a great chance to try some classic Nanjing food, and taste the food of other places you might have missed on your trip to China. And great food is the best way to relax after shopping at Fuzi Miao's shops and bazaars! The festival begins on September 15, and runs for two weeks.

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