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Things to do in Suzhou

Suzhou is famous for Chinese landscape gardens with traditional Chinese architecture. It is near to Shanghai, so it contains a lot of fashionable elements. After enjoying the amazing landscape gardens, there are still a lot of things to do to know the city. In it, you may appreciate not only the traditional culture of China, but also the fashionable elements of Western countries. The nightlife and entertainment in Suzhou is also wonderful.

First, the Guan Qian Street and Shi Quan Street are the busiest streets in Suzhou. They are commercial streets combining entertainment, restaurants, shopping and tour. These two streets are must for tourists. You can enjoy the refreshing elements here.

Second, tourists should not miss the Shantang Street. This street has a history of more than 1100 years. There are a lot of old architectures here. It is between the Hu Qiu Mountain and the most thriving parts of Suzhou, so it becomes more important. Many famous works referred to it. Visitors may appreciate the amorous feelings of the water town, Suzhou. There are full of neat clothes shops, which are favorites of most young people. Here, there are full of Suzhou snacks and all kinds of fashionable food of other countries, such as Korean cold noodles and Japanese sashimi. Especially at night, the business is quite good.

Third, going to the Eunuch Lane to eat delicious food is a must. The Eunuch Lane is the most famous cate street in Suzhou. It is near the thriving Guan Qian Street. All the famous Suzhou restaurants locate in this street. All kinds of dishes are waiting for guests to taste. It must satisfy your appetite. At night, people are eating barbecue or other dishes with friends and their family. How cozy it is!

Fourth, going to bars is an indispensable choice at night. In Shi Quan Street, there are varieties of bars suitable for different people. Listening to the soft music, drinking beers, it is full of romantic atmosphere. In the Shantang Street, there are also many bars of reminiscence style. Whatever you talk about business stuff or meet friends, going to bars is a good choice.

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