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Cultural Suzhou

The construction of the brand “Cultural Suzhou”has made great achievements. I.M.Pei, the world famous architect,made design for the new Suzhou Museum , which is now under construction.The comic show “One, Two, Three, Let's go”is elected at the first round as China 's Top Stage Show. Dancing opera, “ Gan Jiang and Mo Ye”and youth comic “Young People'sTrack”are all awarded at National level. TV series “Waters in Suzhou ”and “Jiang Nan”won national award. After Kun Opera,Gu Qin (an ancient Chinese musical instrument) is also listed by UNESCO as Oral and Intangible

Pingtan-A Local Art Form

Singing A Folk Song of Suzhou

Professor I.M.Pei at the Foundation Laying Ceremony for Suzhou Museum

Heritage of Humanity.The first construction phase of China Kun Opera Museum has been completed, and Kunshan City has won a national award “Home to Fold Arts”. Changshu city, Taicang city and Jinxi Town of KunShan City are all named as “home to unique culture”. Up to the end of 2003, there are, in the whole municipality, 18 art performing troupes, 107 cultural centers, 11 public libraries, 2 publishing houses, 14 newspapers, 26 magazines, 6 TV stations, 45 cinemas and 19,000 digital TV consumers.

Source: suzhou.gov.cn

Editor: Feng Hui

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