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Taihu Lake Whitebait

Whitebait, also called noodle dish, are mainly distributed in eastern Aisa, in which China boasts the highest yield and the most kinds. It has been one of the chief export aquatic proudcts of China . The growing areas of whitebaits in China are mainly the swallow lakes on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Huai River , among which the whitebaits from Taihu Lake enjoy the greatest fame. Taihu Lake whitebait, some 10cm long, is famed for its white tender flesh and sparse bones. It is called one of the three Taihu Lake treasures and has been listed as one of the main national protective aquatic resources.

There are four kinds of Taihu Lake whitebaits: big whitebait, Lei whitebait, Taihu short-mouth whitebait and toothless whitebait, among which the big whitebait and Taihu short-mouth whitebait are at the edge of extinction. The fishing time of Taihu whitebaits is from the mid of May until the late June. Most of the whitebaits are frozen for export. The Taihu Lake Brand frozen fresh whitebait has been a famous brand in Japan . The dried whitebaits not only sell well in the Aisian countries but have a ready market in Europe&America.

Taihu Lake whitebait is nutritious for its protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1&B2, etc. It can be made into various delicious dishes such as Fried Whitebaits&Eggs, Boiled Whitebaits&Eggs, Fried Whitebaits, etc.

Source: suzhou.gov.cn

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