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Shilu Pedestrianized Shopping Street

Shilu Pedestrianized Shopping Street is located in Jinchang District,it is named after “Stone Road” in English as it was paved with stones in late Qing Dynasty.It is said it had already been very prosperous in ancient time.Since late 2003,Suzhou Municiapal Government has injected a huge amount of capital to reconstruct the street,aiming to forge it one of the best shopping centers in Jiangsu Province and top-ranking in China by integrating its modern image with ancient culture of Suzhou.The project was completed by the end of 2003 and open to public on New Year's Day of 2004.

The renewed street is sprinkled with large-sized musical fountains,towering trees,beautiful neon lights and clean rivers. The commercial arrangement of Shilu pedestrianized shopping street has a new adjustment as well. Xinfeng Lane is to be restored and become a special street with cafes and pubs. Stores in the street are busy with decoration now. People can enjoy the leisure life there after doing shopping. The formal opening of Shilu pedestrianized shopping street also stimulate consumers' popular enthusiasm on the market at night in the Shilu commercial area. The business time of the stores on Shi Road is prolonged to 10 o'clock pm.

It is becoming a beautiful scenery for home and foreign travelers at the time of acting as a shopping center.

Source: suzhou.gov.cn

Editor: Feng Hui

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