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Fang Guoyu---A Historian of Yunnan History

Fang Guoyu, native of Lijiang, born in 1903, Naxi Nationality, CPC member, became tutor of doctoral students in Chinese ethnology in 1981. Fang graduated from Peking University as a post graduate in 1933 majoring traditional Chinese culture. He used to be an editor of Peking Normal University, teacher of Luo Yang Normal School, professor of the Department of Traditional Chinese Culture of a Peking’s private university, professor and dean of the Department of Literature and History of Yunnan University, Dean of Institute of Liberal Arts and Laws. He once served as an editor, examiner and adviser of Institute of Yunnan Chorography. After the founding of the New China in 1949, Fang successively served as a deputy director of Jiu San Society of Yunnan Province, member of Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, member of Ethnic Affairs Committee under the National People’s Congress, deputy of the 3rd , 4th and 5th the National People’s Congress, adviser to the Compiling Board of Chinese History and Chorography, adviser to Ethnology Research Society of Southwest China, and counsel of China Education Association.

Ever since the 1950s, he tutored 3 post graduates, 1 doctoral student and two international students. He wrote many books, to name a few, Brief Introduction to Catalogues of Historical Records of Yunnan, Table of Pictographs of Naxi, Historical Manuscript of Yi nationality, Exploration on the History and Geography of Southwest China. He led the editing and charting task for The Atlas of the Chinese History (Southwest China Section). Fang is an explorer and foundation layer for the research of local history of southwest China and ethnic minority history. He was reputed as “an outstanding figure of Yunnan”, “a giant pillar of Yunnan history” and “a master of Yunnan academic research.

Source: ljgc.gov.cn

Editor: Feng Hui

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