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2013 Online Chinese Culture Contest Results

The 2013 global online Chinese culture contest came to a successful conclusion, on May 15, and we want to thank each and every of you for your interest and active participation.

More than 1,800 people from the US, Britain, Canada, Spain, India, China, and elsewhere took part in the contest, which consisted of two parts -- an online quiz and an essay contest. And, the contestants not only crossed continents, they covered many occupations as well, including professors, writers, musicians, doctors, and lawyers to name just a few.

There will be awards for 140 of the participants. For the online quiz, 100 winners will be chosen by lucky draw from the high scorers. The essay contest will have 40 main winners and participation award winners, selected by a panel of judges, based on the content, organization, style, grammar, and spelling.

The winners will be contacted by e-mail to confirm their address for sending out prizes. Please take time to check and reply promptly.

The lists of prize winners are as follows:

Online Quiz Awards                         Essay Contest Awards

Essay Contest Winner


Tittle of the Essay

First Prize

Glyn Gowing (林子卿)

Chinese New Year and I

Haroun Ferhat

Un meilleur ami chinois.

Paul Vangelisti

My personal story about Chinese culture

Second Prize

Brian Salter

Two Systems: One New Year

Greg Young

A New Hometown in Heze

Karolina Kolehmainen

My Chinese dream

Laurent Hou (罗鸿)

Getting familiar with the dance of the brush

Natalie Ornell

Recreation for the Elderly: An American’s
Discovery at Houhai (

Third Prize

Angelica Smirnova (安泽)


Aruna Hapuarachchi

China Friendship Day Celebration In Kandy

Beata Wasilewska

A personal story about China

Charles A. McKinney, IV

Inner Mongolia: where mystery meets magic

Clive Lin  (刘坦鸿)

Me and Chinese Spring festival

Elizabeth (伊丽莎白)

A trip to the old city

Haralds Matulis

A Personal Story About Chinese Culture

Kenneth Okpomo

A Personal Story About Chinese Culture

María Fernanda
González Barandica

Relato sobre la cultura china y yo

Mark Ritchie Celcius C. Juachon

A Renewed Me: My Renewed Sense of China

Rachel Chao

Me and Chinese Mahjong

Valerie Chetcuti

A personal story about
Chinese culture

Participation Award

Biondi Sanda Sima

A Candid Sneak Peek Behind China


Amusing Anecdotes about Painting Eggs for the
Chinese New Year

Chris Gray

Leaf world

Colin James III

Three Consecutive Phases of the Holiday

Colin McMullien

A Personal Story about Chinese Culture

Eduardo González

A Personal Story about Chinese Culture

Ikegwu Chukwudi

A Personal Story about Chinese Culture

Jesica Sabella

concurso 2013

jesmine chen

A personal story about Chinese culture


A personal story about Chinese culture

kashif khalil

Spring Festival

Lisa Krauss

Me and Panda Bears

Nadia Radulovich

Esperando la llegada de la Serpiente

Sam Osborne (欧思明)

A personal story about Chinese culture

st marwah


Subhajit Ghosh

A personal story about Chinese culture

tenaya santika

Spring Festival Holiday

Wyn Jenkins

Dinning at Xu Hui IKEA

ying huang


Yosephine Yu


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