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Reconstruction work carried out in Dujiangyan

The branch venue of the 2nd International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Dujiangyan bore witness to Qingcheng Martial art performances and ancient music and rituals on June 3 bringing much delight to the event.

Dujiangyan city is a renowned place for its irrigation system designed by Li Bing and his son (Li Bing, the civilian governor of Shu County in the Warring States period). Known as the oldest irrigation system still existing in the world today, Dujiangyan has been preventing floods and irrigating the Chengdu Plain for 2000 years.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Unfortunately, it suffered a little in the 5.12 earthquake, but nearby Fulong Taoist Temple, Erwang Temple, the Taoist Temple of Qingcheng Mountain and some historic and man-made sights were not so lucky, particularly the Erwang Temple, which was severely affected.

At present, the renovation to these affected resorts is being carried, while some problems have arisen from the reconstruction.

According to Liu Dongguang, the supervisor of the reconstruction of Fulong Taoist Temple and Zhou Ruiwen, the expert at the protection center of cultural relics of Guangxi, timbers and stones are scarce, since the timbers used in Fulong Taoist Temple are logged from 40-year-old firs in Sichuan province, which are now hard to obtain. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage has funded 100 million RMB to the reconstruction project and experts on ancient construction are searching for proper firs throughout southern China.

Fulong Taoist Temple

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