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Beijing holds grand theater showcase

2014-11-25 14:07:26



The 6th Theatre Olympics is in full swing in Beijing with top theatre pieces from around the world on display. Elite performers from across the globe are in the city to showcase a colorful variety of theatre arts.

All eyes are on China, at least until the curtains close. Chinese theater pieces make up nearly half of the 45 theatre pieces that are being held at the 6th Theatre Olympics. They include stage dramas and classic Chinese opera pieces like 'Tian Xia Gui Xin' and 'The Red Mansion' along with other forms of classical opera from across China.

"The committee members of the Theatre Olympics showed great admiration for our the different types of Chinese Opera. They said they know about them and praised their quality," said Liu Libin, committee member of Theatre Olympics International Committee.

'I Believe I can fly' is the event's only children's drama. It tells the story of how a little boy from the countryside inspired the people in his village to dream big.

"It's very touching. My boy was captivated for the enitre 90 minute show. The first words he uttered after the show was 'mommy I want to fly too'. Young children need to have dreams," said an audience member.

Another show is called Fusheng, set in the Qin dynasty more than 2000 years ago. China's first emperor Qin Shihuang burned many Chinese classics and buried Confucian scholars alive to consolidate his rule. But the show aims to highlight more than just history.

"We want to be rooted in China's past as we tell a story on the modern stage. The story also communicates an understanding of the culture today. We explored the contemporary issue of cultural pluralism but we did it in a very traditional way," said Wang Xiaoying, deputy director of National Theater of China.

The Theatre Olympic Games is one of the most influential theatre exchange and showcase events in the world. It was conceived in 1955 and is held every 4 years. The event will run in Beijing until the end of December, so come and take a look before its too late.

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