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The 11th China (Changzhou) International Animation Art Week opens

2014-09-30 15:19:44



The exhibition’s opening ceremony


Encourage newly-innovated products and focus on the front end of the industrial chain

The “Golden Dinosaur” international newly-innovated animation works competition, one of the typical activities during Art Week, has attracted 858 works from 28 counties such as China, the US, France and South Korea. It is dedicated to seeking excellent domestic animation works and gifted people and pushing the production of domestic newly-innovated animation up to the international level.

Art Week is jointly held with three major theme parks

Changzhou is home to three themed scenic spots, namely, Universal Dinosaur Town, Joyland, as well as Mystical YanCheng of Spring and Autumn Period Park. The Universal Dinosaur Town is a famous comprehensive theme park, receiving 5 million tourists each year.

The resources of Art Week and three theme parks are integrated to promote the brand image and magnify the brand effects of Art Week. Tickets to Art Week will allow the audience to get ticket discounts at the three theme parks.

One theme activity each day

There will be a designated theme each day during Art Week, including “Golden Dinosaur” animation and game images performance competition, “Hot Mama, Cool Baby” cosplay competition, and interactive performances by renowned dubbing actors and foreign actors.

Also, parent-child morality classes and etiquette-themed animation film presentations will be held to promote Chinese moral culture to young people.

Compared with previous activities, these lay more emphasis on public involvement and provide participants with more convenience in program design and service assurance. (Note: Don’t use “etc” in this context. Only use it if it’s in a direct quote or in an opinion piece)

The center stage on the public day

Activities introduction: 1. The stage play Star Cat: the Adventure of Sweet Castle. 10:00-11:00, Oct 1 and 16:00-16:30, Oct 2.

2. Dinoman hit show. Morning, Sept 29 and Oct 1.

3. “Hot Mama, Cool Baby” cosplay final and the award ceremony. 14:00-15:30, Oct 1.

4. The final of the first “Golden Dinosaur” E-Sports Competition: League of Legends. Sept 30-Oct 3.

5. The interview and interaction with Wang Xiaoyan, famous domestic dubbing actress. Sept 30-Oct 3.

6. Fan meeting with Lida Riho, popular Japanese voice actress, who dubbed for Hoshizora Rin in Love Live. 13:30-15:30, Oct 2.

7. Fan meeting with famous Japanese dancer Manako and beautiful girl Jakko. 10:30-11:30, Oct 4.

8. Interactive autograph session with well-known Korean Coser Miyuko. Oct 4-5.

9. The fourth “Golden Dinosaur” animation and game images performance competition. Oct 4-5

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