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Yang Shilin brings freshness to traditional calligraphy and painting

2013-11-27 19:00:33



"Huaishang Qingliu (Fresh current on Huai River) -- Yang Shilin painting and calligraphy exhibition" kicked off in Beijing on November 16. Featuring almost 100 of the famous painter Mr. Yang Shilin and his disciples’ recent calligraphy creations and paintings, the exhibition adds brilliance and character to the Beijing Cultural Expo.

Yang Shilin is a renowned contemporary artist, art theorist, collector and scholar. His calligraphy works and paintings have won nationwide recognition. They have been exhibited in Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries all over the world. He is also the author of The Life of Zheng Banqiao, A Critical Biography of Zheng Banqiao and Youxin Collection. Apart from being a prolific artist, he is committed to carrying on the heritage of traditional Chinese culture, having cultivated a great number of talents over the years and forming the art group of “Spirit of Huaihe River”, which has unique geographic and cultural characteristics.

His group of over 10 artists has won the Chinese Calligraphers Association Exhibition Award over 100 times. They have held the "Spirit of Huaihe Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition" successfully in five cities including Hefei, Bengbu and Zhuhai, arousing attention in contemporary painting and calligraphy circles.

The more than 100 pieces of calligraphy and paintings at the current exhibition adhere to art traditions but also explore new territory. They not only reflect the profound skills of the artists but also demonstrate their passion for neo-classical interpretation and experimentation.

The exhibition was held from Nov 16-18 in Lang Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

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