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Modern dance portrays the beauty of Chinese calligraphy

2013-09-22 15:43:22


"To better get a feel of what Wang Xizhi was about, I read his story and actually tried to copy his work with a brush pen. This really helped me capture the movements and rhythm of his work in my performance." Yuan Shenglun, Dancer said.

Another calligraphy master whose works featured in the show is Yan Zhenqing, from the Tang dynasty. He wrote the Eulogy for a Nephew after his nephew was killed in action, fighting against a rebellion. His work expresses deep sorrow as well as his fierce loyalty to the emperor. Spring Ritual Eulogy was awarded the 2013 Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in production. The choreographer and the team overcame various challenges to come this far.

"I think the commonality between calligraphy and dance is movement. Calligraphy is a trail of movement of the brush on paper, and dancing is the movement of the body. So I think dancing is like a kind of flowing calligraphy and calligraphy is dancing in a solidified form. The challenge I think for dancers is the limitations of our bodies; we can only do one movement at any given point in time. But I think the emotions of the dancer makes up for that and that makes a lasting impression on the audience. "

The show runs at the NCPA on the 18th and 19th of September and will move on to Taiwan in December.

"Well in an age of word processors and computers."

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