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Dance drama Nine Songs

2013-02-26 09:09:45

(China Today)


Nine Songs is the modern interpretation through dance, music and theatrical design of one of the most admired works of poet Qu Yuan (circa 339-278 BC). The narrator, a man dressed in a black suit and hat who enters the stage carrying a large suitcase, leads the audience through the work to its ultimate contemporary scenario. Love, nation and humanity are the drama’s three main threads, interspersed with native Taiwan music, Asian folk songs and modern percussion music against the backdrop of a vast lotus pond. First staged in 1993, Nine Songs has become one of the most popular repertoire items of the Cloud Gate Dance Theater. Established by choreographer Lin Hwai-min in 1973, the theater was Taiwan’s first professional dance company.

Date: Feb. 28-Mar.2, 2013

Place: National Center of Performing Arts, Beijing

Price: VIP/RMB 680/600/550/450/280/220/160

Source:China Today