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Int'l Youth Calligraphy Contest announces results

2013-08-28 11:23:23

( By Sun Ye


Li Yifan, another first-prize winner and a middle-school student from Henan province said learning the art for eight years has taught him how to be a righteous man, "Besides appreciating the dignity and beauty of calligraphy, one should behave the way he writes, that is, always with integrity."

"We have to try understanding Chinese Calligraphy from inside, its aesthetics are different from what we're used to," said Nicola Piccioli, chairman at the FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy Cultural Association in Italy.

"Calligraphy can lead the search for truth, kindness and beauty," he said.

"The Chinese characters show the character of its people," said Han Qide, vice president of CPPCC and a calligraphy aficionado. "All young people should learn to write them well," he also said.

Winning works from the students will be exhibited at the Art Gallery of China National Academy of Painting through August 28.

The work of the first prize winner Bi Lufei from Shandong province.

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