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Chinese Children’s Theater Festival broadens kids’ horizons

2013-07-26 11:24:55


Bald Boy is a puppet drama presented by the Turkish National Theater and adapted from the legendary Turkish folk story that depicts a slothful boy’s transformation to excellence through uncanny experiences.

It’s the first show presented by the Turkish National Theater in China since the two countries established diplomatic relations. Murat Salim Esenli, the ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to China, highly commended the activity, saying that the children symbolize the future of the country. He looks forward to further cultural communications between Chinese and Turkish children and welcomed Chinese theater fans to visit Turkey.

The Little Prince, adapted from Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s internationally renowned fairy tale, was produced by the China Children's Art Theater in 2012. The all-star cast and crew including top-ranking director, playwright, actors and stage designers made it a refined play for all ages.

The third China Children's Theater Festival, themed "Enlightening Kids' Hearts, Molding Kids' Futures; Casting Chinese Dreams Together", has been going on for half a month, delivering 11 plays for children across the country.

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