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Int'l Children's Culture and Art Festival Held in TJ




The opening ceremony of 2012 Tianjin International Children's Culture and Art Festival was held on July 29 in the Tianjin Great Hall. The festival will last until Aug 3.

The festival, themed "Peace, Friendship and Future", is characterized by the concept of "Children of the world being happy together". This gala for children all over the world has attracted art troupes from 55 different countries and regions overseas, as well as 38 domestic troupes, with the number of participants totaling over 2,000.

In the opening ceremony, Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe presented the dance "Earth's Children". The young dancers wearing the national flags of each participant country were like beautiful butterflies, spreading friendship and positive hopes among flowers, symbolizing a wonderful world.

The Kitakyushu Academy Boys and Girls Chorus from Japan has come to the festival twice. This time, they specially performed a Chinese song, "All Sing One Song," to express wishes of peace and friendship around the whole world.

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