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Sichuan opera flies high in Toronto

2013-06-24 14:17:21



For the first time in its history, this year’s Luminato Festival in Toronto has invited an elite Chinese opera troupe to present "The Phoenix Pavilion". And this version of the Sichuan classic is bringing something special.

A high-grade hybrid, featuring elements from both the east and the west. It’s "The Phoenix Pavilion", written by Chinese composer Guo Wenjing.

This new production has an all-star line up, with veteran Sichuan opera artist Shen Tiemei in the starring role.

And the man behind the theatrics is acclaimed Canadian director Atom Egoyan, a Cannes Grand Prix winner.

Based on the popular folk tale of the Three Kingdoms, the story centers around Diao Chan, one of China’s mythical Four Beauties.

The femme fatale uses her seductive powers to stir up jealousy and anger between warlord Lu Bu and his father Dong Zhuo. The production climaxes with Diao Chan’s secret meeting with Lu Bu in the Phoenix Pavilion.

This remake breaks new ground by mixing Sichuan opera and Peking opera with a Western symphony.

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