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Art celebrates Macao's return to motherland

2014-07-29 11:14:19

(China Daily) By Chen Nan


He also has another work displayed in the exhibition, titled Virtue Benefits the Universe, Beneficence Reaches the World, with a focus on A-Ma Temple, one of the oldest and most famous Taoist temples in Macao to commemorate Mazu, the sacred sea Goddess who blesses the fishermen and women.

Besides artists from the Chinese mainland, art veterans from Macao are also participating in the exhibition.

"I was born and grew up here so when I paint the place, I feel like I'm painting my life," says Pan Jinling.

She received art education and influences from the West when she was young, but was also trained at Chinese art schools including inBeijingandHangzhou. Her paintings portray influences of both cultures.

In her work, The City Flower of Macao in Full Bloom, a traditional Chinese painting, she uses lotus flower, a symbol of Macao, as the background, and portrays three women of different ages.

Pan says that many of her works are created based on a lotus pattern and she wants to show how the lives, ambitions and powers of women in Macao have undergone rapid changes during the past few decades.


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