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Easemind exhibition puts spotlight on leather craft works

2014-07-09 16:35:43

( By Lin Qi


Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily

A leather craft exhibition is being held at the Easemind Music Spa's gallery inBeijing, with eye-catching works that show how leather can be alive and richly expressive.

Only in recent years has leather craft, which originally came from Europe, been embraced by more Chinese handicraftartists. They have extended the presentation and genres of leather craft by incorporating Chinese artstyles, such as the bird, flower and Tibetan thangkapaintings now on display.

Viewers can also touch the works to feel the results of the techniques of carving and beating.

Two leather artists gave demonstrations and guided visitors to try the craft at a two-day salon at the gallery over the weekend.

The exhibition runs through July 9.


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