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Dunhuang inspirations

2014-07-08 08:57:39



Blossoms of Dunhuang reflects upon the 60-year-long career of Chang Shana, 83, as a designer andartteacher, which is closely connected with her second hometown and "infinite source of inspiration", Dunhuang.

Born in Lyons, Chang moved to Dunhuang at 12 with her father, Chang Shuhong (1904-94), who dedicated most of his life to the protection of Dunhuang's art and is renowned as the "guardian of the Dunhuang grottos".

Under her father's guidance, Chang studied and replicated those frescoes in Dunhuang. The exhibition displays her fresco copies and graphic designs, in which she applied elements of Dunhuang aesthetics.

10 am-6 pm, until July 22. Today Art Museum, 32 Baiziwan Lu (Road), Chaoyang district,Beijing. 010-5876-0600 Ext 100.

Photo provided to China Daily

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Dunhuang inspirations


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