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Buddha jumps over the wall

2014-11-14 14:13:22

(China Today)




1,000g abalone, 250g soaked sea cucumber, one chicken and one duck, 1,000g pig feet, 500g sheep’s elbow, 500g pork tripe, 500g duck’s gizzard, 150g tendon meat, 12 boiled pigeon eggs, 500g winter bamboo shoots, 2,500g Shaoxing yellow wine, 1000g bone broth, 500g lard, 75g soy sauce, 75g crystal sugar, 10g shredded scallion, 5g ginger, and 10g cassia bark.

To cook:

1. Steam the abalone until soft and tender on a high heat. Add 250g bone broth and 15g Shaoxing yellow wine. Steam for another 30 minutes.

2. Remove the bones of the chicken, duck, pig feet, and sheep’s elbow. Cut the meats and pork tripe into bite-sized pieces and add, along with the duck gizzard, to the pot. Skim. Remove and flash boil in 250g broth, adding 85g Shaoxing yellow wine.

3. Put the soaked sea cucumber and tendon meat into 150g water and steam on a high heat for 30 minutes.

4. Shell the boiled pigeon eggs. Flash boil the winter bamboo shoots.

5. Place the lard in a pan and when melted add the shelled pigeon eggs and winter bamboo shoots. Deep fry for about two minutes.

6. Leave 50g lard in the pan. Add the shredded scallion and ginger, then the chicken, duck, sheep’s elbow, pig feet, duck gizzard and pork tripe, and stir-fry with 75g soy sauce, 75g crystal sugar, 2,150g Shaoxing yellow wine, 500g broth, and cassia bark. Cover the pan and stew for 20 minutes. When ready, scoop out all the ingredients, leaving the broth.

7. Put 500g of fresh water into a Shaoxing yellow wine jar and heat. Drain off the boiling water. Place a bamboo grate at the bottom of the jar, add the cooked chicken, duck, sheep elbow, pig feet, duck gizzard, pork tripe and winter bamboo shoots. Add sliced tendon meat and flaked abalone wrapped in gauze on top, and pour in the broth.

8. Cover the wine jar with a lotus leaf and invert a small bowl on top. Simmer the jar on the charcoal fire for two hours. Add the sea cucumber and simmer for one more hour. Serve.

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