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A mountain that scales China's history

2014-06-03 11:14:39

(China Daily) By Zhao Ruixue


Parts of the mural have been damaged, though it is slated for repairs this year, said Zhao Peng, deputy director of Tai'an Museum.

The Dai Temple is also called "the forest of stone tablets" because it houses more than 300 stone tablets, Zhao said.

At the summit of the mountain is an address made during one of the "Fengshan Sacrifices" rites that was written by Emperor Li Longji (who reigned from AD 712-756) during the Tang Dynasty.

Emperor Li took the rite seriously. He selected 1,000 horses and a massive army and began his journey to the temple from the then capital of Chang'an. Emperor Li carved his address in an entire cliff to show his achievements.

At the summit, you will also see several monuments marking Confucius' visits.

"The Platform for Viewing Lu Kingdom" is where Confucius scanned over the Chinese kingdom and where an upright slab of stone is inscripted with "Confucius finds the world small".

The Azure Cloud Temple at the summit has become a popular place for people to burn incense and pray for their health and happiness. To protect the environment, the management committee for the mountain has prohibited incenses longer than 50 cm.

Statistics from the local tourism administration shows 48.3 million tourists visited the city last year, generating 44.17 billion yuan ($7.08 billion), which accounted for 15.8 percent of Tai'an's GDP.

In recent years, the local government has introduced several projects to enrich its tourism industry. Among them are performances to re-enact the "Fengshan Sacrifices" at Fanta Wild Adventure Park.

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