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Photos give cheongsam a new life

2014-05-06 09:45:24

(China Daily)


A part of the thousand figure cheongsam image scroll shows the dress's enchantment to women of different ages. Photo provided to China Daily

"I want to provide a place for these fans, and to use my camera to record their beautiful moments."

Liu's team invited people to join in the photography project, each paying 260 yuan ($42). He says more than 1,000 people will come and dress in cheongsam in the next few months, and the captured images will be presented on a giant scroll like the Chinese painting Qingming Shanghe Tu (The Scene at the Upper River during Qingming Festival).

So far he has collected more than 500 people's photos, of all races and nationalities and almost 750 people, including celebrities, famous hosts and pop stars, have reserved time slots on the shooting schedule. The age of participants ranges from 4 to over 80.

Cheongsam used to be very luxurious, beautifully cut, and made of colorful silk cloth, exquisite embroidery with traditional Chinese patterns, like phoenix and peonies, Liu says.

Zhang Jinglin, 57, one of the older ladies who came in the group on Saturday, says she owns more than 30 pieces of cheongsam, which are customized for different seasons and occasions.

"I felt she was so amazing, when I saw my mother in cheongsam," says Zhang, who poses for the project in a long pink dress. "The white silk accurately carved out her figure to perfection. The orchid embroidery, embracing her waist, looked like a man's slender fingers tapping his lover."

Wang Deyue, 63, who also came for a photo shoot, says a fleeting memory of her mother makes the project significant for her. "My mother died so young, the only image I could remember about her was condensed into a photo in which she wore a brunette kind of cheongsam."

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