The Western Qing Mausoleum

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The Western Qing Mausoleum

2014-04-30 11:11:50

(People's Daily Online )


The Western Qing Mausoleum (

The Western Qing Mausoleum is located in Yi County of Baoding City, north China's Hebei Province. Its construction started in 1730 (Yongzheng 8th Year, Qing Dynasty) and was completed in 1915. The construction took 185 years in total.

The mausoleum area covers 8,300 hectares, where 14 tombs and two attached buildings (Yongfu Temple and Xinggong Palace) are scattered. The 14 tombs include four imperial tombs of the Tailing Tomb, the Changling Tomb, the Muling Tomb and the Chongling Tomb, three tombs of imperial concubines, three Jiyuan Tombs, and four tombs of lords, princes and princesses. The most spectacular part of the mausoleum is the forest of 15,000 vigorous ancient pines, which is the largest ancient pine forest in northern China.

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The Western Qing Mausoleum


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