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Harbin's world of ice and snow

2014-03-07 13:35:40

(China Daily) By ZHOU HUIYING


Skiing is popular among visitors.[ZHANG DAFANG/CHINA DAILY]

Its attractions include Guogeli Street with its European architectural style, the Jinshangjing Museum of History and the former residence of Xiao Hong

Manchurian Tiger Park, Northern Forest Zoo and the Bamutong forest train are good choices for the eco-tourism.

Other scenic spots include the Double Dragon Mountain and Changling Lake. West of the lake, fishing areas are popular summer vacation resorts.

The hunting ground of Songfeng Mountain Yuquan and Yabuli Windmill Hill are also places for summer tourism.

The government and Party committee of Harbin decided in 2012 to build a brand called "Charming Harbin Summer" featuring wide participation of citizens, international exchanges and a leisure lifestyle.

The campaign includes the Sino-Russian Year of Tourism, the Wetland Festival, Harbin Summer International Beer Festival and Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair.

The programs are expected to upgrade urban management, increase the city's competitiveness and promote its fame.

But most importantly, it is making the city better understood by the world, according to the local government.

The second Harbin Songhua River Wetland Tourism Festival was held from June 10 to 24 in 2012. The event covered 12 wetland areas including Jinhewan Wetland Park, Yangmingtan Wetland Park, Songhua River Forest Park and Volga Manor.

Authorities planned 10 sightseeing routes on the land and 15 on the water.

More than 50 pleasure boats at 13 wetland harbors were put into service, as well as improved land transportation network with more bus lines and standardized signs.

The festival includes many activities such as a wetland wedding ceremony, sightseeing tours on the Songhua River, calligraphy and photography.

The 15-day festival attracted 1.16 million visitors, a 20 percent increase from the year previous.

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