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Guqin: The father of Chinese music

2013-11-18 15:30:35



Liu says that students at his school are required to learn the Guqin in their third year. The school offers at least two Guqin classes every semester. But he says there are not enough playing opportunities for his students, and the mall exhibition has offered them a good platform.

In Shanghai, the Guqin, an instrument with a history of over 3,000 years, is still being played in a number of different places.

“I learned the Guqin, because it’s peaceful. And it can cultivate my moral character.” said Jiang Bei, Guqin Player.

Exhibition organizers say besides showing off the Guqin, they want to promote traditional Chinese culture through other ways, such as lectures and displays.

"The music of the Guqin is an intangible cultural heritage and the instrument exists in a material form. We hope that the audience can learn the culture through the introduction of its history and evolution. " said Yang Zhijian, Director, Shanghai Guqin Cultural Foundation.

The exhibition at the Global Harbor mall is free through November 18.

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