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A traditional musical instrument from the sitar family, with seven plucked strings, the “guqin” (or qin) is one of the most ancient Chinese musical instruments. Its expressive qualities and the different ways it can be played are illustrated in this concert, which brings together both young talents and experienced players. DING Chengyun, one of the best qin players in China, will interpret a duet of qin and se with FU Lina, his partner. The se is an ancient Chinese string instrument. Very popular 2000 years ago, it has recently regained popularity. LI Chen is a promising young qin player. Originally from Shanghai, she will accompany singer GONG Linna, backed by WANG Hua on dizi flute.

Musicians: DING Chengyun, qin ; FU Lina, se ; GONG Linna, zang ; LIN Chen, qin ; WANG Hua, dizi-fluit ; LIU Xing, zhongruan; Luca Bonvini, qin

Time: 21.11.2009   Place: Kong vzw, Gent

Source: www.europalia

Editor: Dong Jirong

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