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China Pingju Opera Theatre

Updated: 2008-04-14 18:20:53

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The China Pingju Opera Theatre was established in March 1955. Since its establishment, the Theatre has put on stage more than three hundred plays including Qin Xianglian, Madam Xianglin, the Tale of Chunxiang, Sister Yangsan Goes to Court, Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai, Three mile Gulf, Kindness and Enmity, Bitter Flower, Zhang Yu Boils the Sea, On the Bank of Jinsha River, Struggle in the Ancient City, Zhongli Sword, Seize the Seal, A Model Shop Named XiangYang, Ruan Wendui, Great wall in South China Sea, A Cup of Tea, Peony Fairy, Love from a Flower, Silver River Gulf, A Fox Spirit Called Xiao Cui, Shui Bangxin's Struggle Against Marriage, Song of the Rice Wine, Queen of Pingju Opera, River of Sentiments, The Black Head and Four Grand Eggs, When One is Demoted, Mother Er Leng, Mountain Flower. Winder Goes to Court, Wild Horse, Peony Fairy, Silver River Gulf, Cheng Zhaocai, Soils of the Rice Wine, Shui Bingxin's Struggle Against Marriage, A Fox Spirit Called Xiao Cui, God of Happiness, Queen of Pinju Opera, River of Sentiments and many other plays have won various awards for excellent script and performance in national and municipal art competitions.

The Black Head and Four Grand Eggs was the first prizewinner in the Beijing New Play Competition in 1993, and was given the Wenhua Awards of the Ministry of Culture for New Play, Director and Performance, and the Good Script Award by the Chinese Theatre Association. Mother Er Leng was the winner of Cao Yu Literature Award, and was given the Best Play Award and Best Performance Award of the 5thNational theatre Festival. Mountain Flower was the New Play Award and Scenarist Award winner in the Beijing Theatrical Festival for the 5th Anniversary of the National Day. The play When One is Demoted won the New Play Award and Performance Award on the same occasion.

The Pingju Opera has a group of successful artists, namely Bai Yushuang Junior, Xin Fengxia, Xi Cailian, Li Yilan, Wei Rongyuan, Ma Tai, Zhang Defu, Xi BaoKun and etc. First grade artists of the Theatre include Gu Wenyue, Liu Ping, Li Weiquan, Dai Yueqin, Song Li, Ma Huimin, Qi Jianbo and others. The Theatre has paid performing visits to the DPRK and Hong Kong.


Website: www.chinapingju.com

Address: No. 19, Fourth Section of Xiluo Yuan, Fengtai District, Beijing

Post code: 1000077

Tel: (010) 67260380

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