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Updated: 2008-02-18 17:30:02

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China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA), founded in 1957, is subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. Being a professional agency at the state level in the performing arts, it undertakes to sponsor the cultural exchange programs with governments of other countries; introducing art companies, groups and individuals from other countries intoChinaand sending Chinese art companies, groups and individuals overseas. In addition to this, it also manages tours on a commercial basis, recommends outstanding Chinese artists to international art festivals and competitions, and offers information and services relating to the show business.

CPAA has successfully sent over 2,000 companies and groups that gave over 10,000 performances in more than 140 countries and regions in the past 42 years. At the same time, CPAA has received over 2,000 companies and groups from over 130 countries and regions.

CPAA is endeavoring to bring in, develop and produce the best work on the performing arts while giving more emphasis to the pluralistic role of the arts so that it serves as an important bridge in promoting friendship, mutual understanding and cultural exchanges among the peoples, artists, agencies and throughout the world.

CPAA has accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 42 years in managing cultural exchange programs and presenting a vast variety of performances. It works closely with the Chinese art circles, the press and media as well as producers, presenters, agencies, companies and artists all over the world. A strong business network has thus been formed to organize tours or gala performances for the art companies, groups and individuals both inChinaand other countries.

CPAA exercises a Director-General Responsibility system. It has a professional, qualified and experienced team of artistic administrators, stage technicians and project managers who have good command of the English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic languages.

CPAA consists of the following divisions and subsidiary companies:


Administrative Office of Director-General

Divisions of American-Oceanian Affairs

Divisions of Asian Affairs

Divisions of European-African Affairs

Divisions of International Affairs

Domestic Performance Center


CPAA Cultural Entertainment Company

CPAA Productions Ltd.

CPAA Advertisement Ltd.

CPAA Airline & Cargo Transport Services

CPAA Catering & Accommodation Services

CPAA Zhongrui Decoration Company

AS a leading agency in the domain of performing arts inChina, CPAA hopes to make greater contributions to creating a glorious future for the performing arts.


Address: A25 Dong Si Shitiao Street, Dongcheng Distract,Beijing,China

Post code:  100007

Tel:  (010) 84025515


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