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Shanghai Huju Opera Theater

Updated: 2008-02-18 17:30:02

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Shanghai Huju Opera Theater was set up in September 1982 on the basis of Shanghai Huju Opera Troupe.

The Theater has a repertoire of early traditional plays like "Lu Yachen Sells His Wife", "Meeting at the Nunnery", "Borrowing Grain Stuff and "Ah Bida Returns to Her Parents' Home", plays which before liberation people used to call as "Western Dress and Cheongsam plays, like "An Unexpected Death of Beauty, "The Great Thunderstorm", The Fan of Young Mistress, Thunderstorm and Female Rebels; plays of 1950-1960s like "Luohan Coin", "A Single Spark, "The Story of Red Lantern, and "Sparks in Reed Marshes, and the plays of the new era like "Gold Embroidery Women", "The Death of Zhang Zhixin", "A Film Star's Life Experience", "Persons in the Mist'", "The Cow Girl, Escaped Criminal, "The Bright Moon Shines in Mother's Heart", and "The Dream Becomes True Today. All these plays had exerted great inf1uence in the country. "The Story of Red Lantern and "Sparks in the Reed Marshes have been readapted into Peking Operas and enjoyed a high reputation in China and abroad. "Luohan Coin won actor's lst prize, script writing prize and music prize at the National Local Operas Performance for Discussion and Emulation. "Two Sisters won 10 prizes including the best repertoire prize at the Local Operas and Modem Dramas and Operas Performance for Discussion and Emulation. "The Bright Moon Shines in Mother's Heart won 9 best prizes at the National Modern Local Operas Joint Performance and the Wenhua Grand prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture. "The Dream Comes True Today won all the best prizes including the best repertoire prize at the 4th China Theatrical Festival.

The Theater owns a number of high-level artists. The performing artists of old generation Din Shie, Shi Xiaoying, Xie Hongyuan, Shao Bingsun and Xiao Aiqin have developed a school of their  own, and today the well-known artists like Ma Lili, Chen Yu, Mao Shanyu, Wang Huazhong, Shen Renwei, Zhang Xingsheng. Lu Jingye, Xu Botao, Lu Xianli and Ni Xingjia enjoy high reputation among the audience.


Website:  www.jfdaily.com/gb/hjy

Address: No. 38-A, Tianping Road, Shanghai

Post code: 200030

Tel: (021) 62821616l

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