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Dianju Opera Theater of Yunnan Province

Updated: 2008-02-18 17:30:02

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The Dianju Opera Theater of Yunnan Province was founded in 1960. Its predecessor was the Yunan Provincial Dian Opera Troupe. The troupe's most famous programs include Breaking into the Palace starred by Peng Guozhen (as the bearded male character) and Bi Jinyu (as the female character). Niu Gao Tears up the Imperial Edict starred by Qi Shaobin (as the male character with painted face), Looking for Warmth Down the Mountain and The Borrowed Bride starred by Peng Guozhen and Wan Xiangzhen (as the female characters), Marriage over the Melon Garden Fights starred by Li Liansen (as the female character). Among them, Borrowed Bride was made by the Changchun Film Studio into a documentary film featuring the stage show of the local opera. Woman Cook, Melody of the Spring and Bloodshed on the Mountainous Battlefield have been staged in Beijing. Senior Wang Yuzhen's solo performance in Beijing of Jing Niang Sees Her Brother Off, Solemn Promise at the Mulberry Tree Garden and Adoring Su Yun won her the Ninth Plum Blossom Award. Altogether, the performers of the troupe have gained 24 national level awards in the past decade.

Leading artists of the theater include Wang Yuzhen, Tang Zhaoguan, Chen Rongsheng, Ma Qinzhen, Luo Shiqiang, Wen Pei and Jin Yaodon.


Address:  No.276, Dongsijie, Kunming, Yunnan Province

Post code:  650032

Tel:  (0871) 3187420

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