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Guangdong Hanju Opera Theater

Updated: 2008-02-18 17:30:02

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The Guangdong Hanju Opera Theater, formerly the Guangdong Hanju Opera Troupe, was founded in 1959.

The theater performed four times in Beijing with Baili Xi Recognizes His Wife, Interrogation of the Husband and some others. Historical opera King Qi Seeks Generals, modern opera A Bag of Wheat Seeds were made into films by the Zhujiang Film Studio. The Huadeng Case and more than ten other repertoire were made into TV series or televised stage plays by the Guangdong Provincial TV Station.

The Theater has toured Hong Kong, Taiwan region as well as Singapore. It has sorted out and adapted a lot of excellent plays such as Wang Zhaojun Goes Beyond the Great Wall, A Peddle's Ruse, Departure at the Congtai Platform, Beating the Drum and Abusing Cao Cao, Shi Qian Steals Chickens, Qiu Fengjia, Bao Zheng and Niu Niu, Adopted Son, Wang Zhaojun on the North Journey, Love Story Left Unfinished, Marriages in Trouble, The Lovers' Pledge, Taoist Nicknamed Unicorn, Butterfly in the Dream and False Princess.

Major artists of the theater include Qiu Danqing, Liang Suzhen, Lin Shilu, Fan Kaisheng, Li Xianhua and Yang Xiuwei.


Website:   www.gdhjy.com

Address: No.39, Dongshan Jiaochangce, Meizhou, Guangdong Province

Post code: 514011

Tel: (0753) 2234872

Fax: (0753) 2231919

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