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Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial is a Chinese historical memorial built to commemorate the revolutionary activities of the Communists before the national liberation in 1949. Located at the Hongyan Village in Chongqing City of Sichuan Province, the memorial was built in 1958.

The memorial occupies 74,384 square meters with a construction area of 7,351 square meters. Besides the Hongyan Village, the Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial also includes Zengjiayan Exhibition Branch No.50, Guiyuan Exhibition Branch at Zhongsi Road and the former retail department of Xinhua News Daily at Minsheng Road, and so on.

The memorial boasts a collection of 922 pieces of cultural relics. In 1970, it built a display room in the Hongyan Village. With more than 500 revolutionary cultural relics, literature materials and historical photos, it systematically displays the activities of the South Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Chongqing Office of the Eighth Route Army in Chongqing, and the activities organized by Xinhua News Daily and CPC organizations in southern China during the period from October 1938 to March 1947.

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