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Memorial Hall of Former Site of New 4th Army Headquarters

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Memorial Hall of Former Site of New 4thArmy Headquarters,located at Yunling Township of Jing County in Anhui Province, is one of the major historical sites under state protection. It was prepared in 1962 and opened to the public in September 1985, including the restoration and display of four former sites, the Headquarters (two sites at the Zhongmoyuan Garden and Daifu Di respectively), the Auditorium and the Ordnance Repair Workshop, and the auxiliary display at the building behind the auditorium. In July 1987, the restoration of another three former sites, namely the Political Department of the New 4tharmy, the Club of the Battlefield Service Team and the 3rdDepartment of the Southeastern Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, were completed and in July 1988 the Ye Ting Bridge was restored.

The memorial hall has collected 2,100 various kinds of historical relics and materials, 6,200 items in total. Of the important relics are the binocular once used by Army Commander Ye Ting, the blanket used by Yuan Guoping, Director of Political Department, during the Long March and the period of New 4thArmy, a pair of bags worn across a horseback once used by Deng Zihui, Deputy Director of the Political Department, and a pocket watch sent by Ye Ting to his Vice Chief-of-Staff Zhou Zikun. The memorial hall holds exhibitions at irregular intervals to display the paintings drawn by the veteran fighters of the New 4thArmy and collected by the memorial hall.

The memorial hall has compiled and publishedthe New 4thArmy in South Anhuiandthe Autograph in Commemoration of Opening the Exhibition Hall of Sites of Former New 4thArmy Headquarters.

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