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Museum of Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Site

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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Located in Ranzhuang Village of Qingyuan County in Hebei Province, the Museum of Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Site is a museum of Chinese revolutionary history. The museum was set up in 1959 and became one of the key cultural relics sites under the state protection in 1961.

The underground of the Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Site is just like a huge cobweb, consisting of  underground darkrooms and wells which lead to counters, kitchen ranges, temples and stone forts aground, with hogpens, walls and Kang as the cover-up. Inside the tunnel there are headquarters, lounges, kitchens, toilets, traps, and blindages.

The museum boasts a collection of 106 historical relics, 23 pictures, and 24 photos and copies of documents, including bugles, bullet bags, costumes and self-made telephones, which were used in the Tunnel Warfare.

The projection room plays kinescopes of old saturday night soldiers telling about the scenarios of the tunnel warfare at that time and the brief introduction to the Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Site, as well as the filmTunnel Warfare.

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